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Petsup Steamed Chicken Breast

Petsup Steamed Chicken Breast

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 Made of pure natural chicken breast, zero preservatives, zero additives, zero found attractants, and 100% safe to use. Cooked at high temperatures, there is no bacterial residue in the meat, less oil and less salt. So, there is no need to worry about the damage to gastrointestinal health of pets. At the same time, the meat also retains its original taste, is tender and juicy. That provides rich proteins for pets.


  • Pure natural chicken breast with zero preservatives, additives, and food attractants for 100% safe.
  • High-temperature cooking eliminates bacterial residue with less oil and salt for safe gastrointestinal health of pets.
  • Tender and juicy meat that retains its original taste and rich proteins for pets. 
  • Completely vacuum-packed to protect food and ensure product freshness during transportation
  • Feeding chicken breast can make pet hair more supple, increase their appetite, and serve as a safe and healthy snack or nutritional supplement. 
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